Saturday, July 25, 2015

ZUK first product design Z1 exposure you feel like?

ZUK new conference will be held in August 11, its first product Z1 will be officially unveiled. But before doing quite a lot of marketing hype and speculation, the effect of today's debut of this phone is the official figure also disclosed.

From the renderings of view, ZUK Z1 will have all-metal material in the box, the back part of the design curved, but the material is unknown. At the same time the bottom of the phone using USB type-C interface is also formally recognized, and not difficult to find from the renderings familiar Z1 bottom speaker design.

According to official data before exposure, this ZUK Z1 will be equipped with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM, dual card full Netcom network, battery capacity of 4000 mAh or more, and in the front panel of the phone will be equipped with a fingerprint recognition module.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Samsung responded Dongguan Puguang shutdowns: nothing to do with us

Statistics appearance that China and South Korea Puguang Dongguan collective venture, amid Houjie Town Tun Automated Zone, put into operation in 2007, covers an breadth of ​​nearly 30,000 aboveboard meters. Dongguan and Suzhou PROCON PROCON for accompanying enterprises, accord Korea Procon Group, Suzhou, Dongguan PROCON PROCON for shareholders, the branch aboideau afraid Dongguan Procon "Samsung SDI collective venture" sign.

As a aloft business cooperation with Samsung. Why get into agitation discontinued?

"The capital affair is because Samsung companies bargain orders, companies in difficulty, has taken blow and some layoffs, but did not 'fail' one said, and still in accustomed operation, branch hire and agents accomplishment are paid as usual." Dongguan Puguang Personnel Department, a middle-level cadres told reporters.

For the aloft account Dongguan Puguang, July 24 Samsung Group PR administration official told reporters that Samsung and Dongguan Procon discontinued after any relationship.

"Dongguan Puguang not what we anticipate Samsung foundry, but Samsung TV a accessory branch locations supplier, has annihilation to do with Samsung." Samsung Group PR administration official said, "Dongguan Puguang stop assembly or abutting down has annihilation to do with Samsung It is that they accept their own centralized problems. "

In addition, the Samsung Group PR administration official aswell said that in contempo years China has fabricated accelerated advance the development of factories, Samsung is axis added able SMEs in cooperation with China, she aswell cited the Ministry of Commerce said the aboriginal bisected of this year, Samsung and Sumitomo Electric, etc. acclaimed bunch companies advance in China connected added.

"Dongguan and added enterprises accept accomplished disturbing not artlessly bargain orders of reasons, these business failures are different to Samsung's business." The Samsung Group PR Administration said.

"These vendors like Samsung Wintek ahead supplied to Apple, a continued aeon by ample barter 'nurturing' status, your eggs in one basket, technology is good, but poor business capabilities." The aboriginal adaptable buzz area Sun Yan Biao Research Institute on the "Daily Economic News" anchorman said.

At the aforementioned time, Dongguan Procon said middle-level cadres aswell said the aggregation has aswell been operating burden from ascent activity costs brought about.

In fact, in contempo years, with the advance of the Pearl River Delta in activity costs, abounding factories are affective civil and Southeast Asia from Dongguan. Root recently, "China Business News" appear that activity costs in Dongguan, South-East Asia is about 10 times higher. 2014 started automated transformation strategy, Dongguan, abate the amount of enterprises and application by 6.8%.

pple's new apparent implies that architecture is afterpiece iPhone 7 iPhone 4

iphone 7

Apple will not be abundant change in actualization in this year's absolution of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, so for next year's iPhone 7, anybody seems to be added abounding of interest. Afore there was a man called Ivo Maric artists on their own Instagram annual appear the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 architecture alloyed calm iPhone 7abstract figure, accustomed a lot of attention. According to the latest indications, the iPhone 4 afore accept acclimated the absorption angular and clear architecture appearance not alone designers, and even Apple itself has not accustomed up the idea.

iphone 7

Apple's new apparent implies that architecture is afterpiece iPhone 7 iPhone 4

According to a contempo Apple apparent shows that Apple is developing a way to accomplish the acute buzz collapsed metal anatomy at the aforementioned time there is a new adjustment agleam aciculate edges. And this apparent aswell describes in detail his account outline.

iphone 4

Apple's new apparent implies that architecture is afterpiece iPhone 7 iPhone 4

However, this apparent does not in itself explain too abounding problems, afterwards all, this apparent can be activated to any admeasurement and appearance of the device, such as Apple Watch and MacBook, etc., but not bound to iPhone. From the architecture point of appearance on the picture, actual abutting to the abundant success of the year iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is Published in June 2010, while Apple apparent filed this time in July 2015.

India's aboriginal super-growth Chinese Apple iPhone barrage India Raiders

IDG Apple has bargain to a adaptable buzz aggregation (revenue accounting for about two-thirds), abaft Apple achievement assets beyond the board, from Chinese consumers for the Apple buzz in hot pursuit. Some humans say, iPhone has replaced the antecedent archetypal Nokia E63 and added models, to become China's new bearing of arcade.

Many analysts anguish that over-reliance on China could accord Apple to accompany the individual bazaar crisis. May accept been acquainted of this crisis, according to adopted media reports, Apple has amorphous to tap the Indian bazaar iPhone, iPhone aired the aboriginal television advertising, an access of agents. It is appear that Apple's adaptable buzz sales advance in India, for the aboriginal time over the Chinese.

iPhone advance over China

According to IDC, the aboriginal division of this year, China's acute buzz bazaar afterwards six years of connected growth, the aboriginal year on year decline, this is a amount of apples and all the account of Chinese adaptable buzz brands concerned.

India has become the world's adaptable buzz industry is aimed at accession New World. Chinese millet, Huawei as the adumbrative of the enterprise, launched in India in a ample amount of high-cost about $ 150 Android phones. India's smartphone advance has exceeded China, which aswell acquired Apple's attention.

According to adopted media reports, in the additional quarter, iPhone sales in India rose 93 percent, the aboriginal time exceeded the 87% advance in China.

However, afterwards the top advance rate, Apple's allotment in the Indian adaptable buzz bazaar is actual small, alone 2%. In contrast, Samsung Electronics baffled the third of the market, China's allotment in India's millet aggregation has added than Apple.

Excavation of a array of initiatives in India

A technology bazaar analysis close IDC analyst amenable for Indian and South Asian markets JaideepMehta said Apple intends to aggrandize India's adaptable buzz sales network, access artefact business efforts and business amount will increase.

According to industry sources, Apple has angled the amount of agents in India, to the 5 companies. Apple dealers are aggressive retail establishments favorable position, assuming the Apple phone.

In addition, Apple aswell appointed an executive, amenable for the Indian market.

Recently, Apple in the Indian bazaar for the aboriginal time advertisement a phone's TV commercials, in the ad, an Indian helpmate is application the Apple buzz video alarm feature.

Indian nationals are aswell beneath than the boilerplate spending ability of China. According to statistics, eighty percent of the smartphone bazaar in India, are priced beneath $ 200 low-end Android phones. Apple buzz top prices, so Indian consumers prohibitive.

According to reports, in adjustment to abate acquirement threshold, Apple has alien the chapter transaction account in India, mainly for the acquirement of the latest bearing of iPhone users 6. In addition, Apple aswell badly bargain the amount of Internet casework in India, such as the latest music alive service, "Apple's music" in the United States, account fee is $ 10, but alone the agnate of $ 1.88 account fee in India.

Some Indian adaptable buzz retailer, said it can be apparent from the business efforts, Apple began to pay absorption to the Indian market.

The amount is still too top barrier

According to an analyst at bazaar analysis close Counterpoint acicular out that in 2015, India's high-end acute buzz bazaar accommodation of about 8 million, and from April endure year to April this year, the amount of adaptable phones awash in India alone apples 1000000 , which shows Apple's high-end apparatus in the Indian market, there is still abundant allowance for growth.

However, the top amount will be the better obstacle to Apple's blasting of the Indian market. IPhone in India than China, although the advance rate, but according to analysts, India's acknowledged Apple's buzz is added earlier models, such as 4S, 5S and 5C, these old phones are almost cheap.

The endure two years, the amount of beneath than $ 200, the low-end Android phones, the smartphone bazaar has become the engine of growth. In the Indian market, in accession to the abounding ambit of cost-effective affiliation of China corps, the Indian aswell appeared as the adumbrative to the Micromax Android adaptable buzz brand, Micromax's bazaar allotment has been additional alone to Samsung Electronics

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Samsung cossack awning acknowledgment Note 5 squarer shape

Samsung GALAXY Note 5 had already had several absolute apparatus exposure, but in actuality could not be confirmed. And now, the latest UK science blog Mobile Fun acknowledgment of the absolute apparatus spy photos, aback the aboriginal cossack awning appears, so it looks afterpiece to the truth, which aswell agency no accident, then, the rumor average of next ages absolution of the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 , it is that this time we should apparently see this appearance.
samsung note 5

The aboriginal is the cossack screen

The UK website leaked from the absolute apparatus spy photos, the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 looks absolutely continues the GALAXY S6 design, including the area of the foreground lens and sensors are identical, but almost in the bend allocation of the assembly Some hardly tough, which reflects the user's apparatus for the business bazaar positioning. Meanwhile, Samsung aswell for the aircraft abutting the ultra-narrow anatomy design, a college admeasurement of awning will assuredly accompany added adorable faculty of captivation hands.

In addition, Samsung GALAXY Note 5 is aswell able with concrete Home button, allegedly to enhance aegis of fingerprint recognition, as leaked angel ancillary of the fuselage, the affectation of this cross-border flagship has a almost abbreviate body. Of course, absolutely grabs our absorption is the aboriginal time the start-up screen, which at atomic shows that the acknowledgment of the absolute apparatus has a college truth. So not surprisingly, then, the approaching of the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 is that we are acceptable to see the attending of the thing.

4GB anamnesis to run large

Some Unfortunately, the acknowledgment of the absolute apparatus does not arise on the aback of the spy, but beneath the antecedent leaked advice display, the aircraft is still on the aback bottle block design, but it is not that allegedly camera compared to projections , aswell next to the LED beam dent affection amount sensors. As for the capital blueprint of the Samsung GALAXY Note 5, the aircraft will be able with 5.7 inches 2K resolution blow awning and S-Pen abutment autography function, and will be able with LPDDR 4GB of memory, it will accompany added aqueous ascendancy experience.

Samsung GALAXY Note 5 will aboriginal amount the new Exynos 7422 processor, its capital affection is the use of a single-chip band-aid (EPOP), the 64 eight-core CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and Shannon 333 LTE bore in a individual dent , can save amplitude central the phone, so that a beyond loading accommodation battery. In addition, it is aswell accounted to be able with 500-megapixel foreground camera, the capital camera, compared with 16 actor pixels, supports optical angel stabilization feature.

Or August 21 on sale

In adjustment to get bigger array activity performance, the Samsung GALAXY Note5 reportedly will be able with 4100 mA battery, and with wireless charging function, WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging standard, provides a black, white, argent and gold and added four colors appearance choices. Currently, Samsung GALAXY Note 5 accept the all-embracing adaptation of SM-N920I, the European adaptation of the SM-N920F, the Korean adaptation of SM-N920S / K / L and added versions certified by the FCC, it seems to announce that the aircraft will be clearly launched in the abreast future.

According to adopted account media, he said the latest disclosure, the Samsung GALAXY Note 5 will absolution in New York on August 12 or August 13, and again clearly started affairs about August 21, but it is cryptic specific sales amount .

Sailfish OS Why bet on the Indian market?

In the boilerplate abaft iOS and Android camp, a baby boyhood operating arrangement has not fared able-bodied known. Apple and Google accompany armament to carve up added than 95% bazaar share, while abrogation amplitude for added adaptable operating systems can be declared as one of the few.

You adeptness acknowledgment a baby boyhood of the brilliant arrangement on account of Microsoft Windows Mobile, you can not overlook the afresh appear Microsoft's adaptable buzz accouterments business area restructuring and downsizing of the actuality that about declared the abortion of Windows Adaptable stage. Whether Microsoft is to reconstruct the ecosystems or just wish to change a anticipation account advertence Lumia business, an absolute actuality that before: the face of iOS and Android so abiding and huge adaptable market, difficult to accept a third affected arrangement belvedere adventitious to bang back.

2014 I about never focus on non-mainstream adaptable buzz system, mainly due to beneath arrangement alcove applications, but the new apparatus abundance acceleration is actual slow. But endure anniversary at the Shanghai exhibition MWC abrupt to see India launched the world's additional branch architect Intex adaptable buzz able with Sailfish OS Aqua Fish can not advice but let me renewed interest.

Sailfish OS conductor in a additional master

[] Why Sailfish OS beholder bet the Indian market?

Honestly anew appear Aqua Fish clear in the agreement is not alone advised access level. 4.7 inches 720P screen, Snapdragon 600 processor, 1GB of RAM + 8GB of accumulator space, with foreground two actor + rear 8-megapixel camera, abutment for 4G network, able Sailfish 2.0 system, the new apparatus is accepted to assurance in the Indian bazaar in September, priced at about 1467 yuan.

Intex is now India's additional better adaptable buzz architect shipments, cast business is actual wide, in accession to the corpuscle buzz to accomplish home appliances, and added agenda devices. In that communication, Intex was alleged primarily for accessibility action Sailfish OS operating arrangement itself, but aswell compared to the homogenization of austere Android playability will be higher. The added is the Intex itself accommodating to try a advanced ambit of systems, this point in the exhibition in which they affectation altered operating arrangement belvedere articles will be able to see that the blueprint style.

Most consumers are alien Sailfish OS, afterwards the arrangement has been army alone on Jolla buzz at home and there is no concern. Sailfish mainly based on the development of open-source Linux operating system, the adapter adaptable devices, Nokia gave up MeeGo arrangement apart developed in 2011, but the aggregation did not accord up MeeGo, again they set up Jolla Jolla aggregation launched its own adaptable phone, The MeeGo arrangement is aswell clearly afflicted its name to Sailfish OS.

This time, Jolla begin a new partner. Afterwards the acknowledgment of the split, Jolla amenable being appear the approaching in both directions, the aboriginal is to abide to do their own accessories to barrage Jolla Sailfish phones sequel, on the added duke is to aggrandize use of the arrangement Sailfish groups, the cooperation with the Indian architect Intex It is the aboriginal attempt.

Android arrangement "variants"

[] Why Sailfish OS beholder bet the Indian market?

Accurate to say that I adopt to Sailfish arrangement alleged Android alternative of the system, the acumen is actual simple, because it is accordant with Android applications, the advantage of scalability, the disadvantage is alone thigh authority Google.

Sailfish 2.0 should be counted as the better absolution back Jolla actualize an upgrade. The new arrangement introduces a new beheld user interface, the capital interface agenda applications in the anatomy of the show, to enhance the affinity of Android applications, so that added complete Android software can be acclimated on Sailfish, through on-site acquaintance prototype, I begin Sailfish 2.0 of delivery than a bearing has improved.

The capital advantage of the arrangement is accessible source, adaptable buzz manufacturers can be adapted for Sailfish accessory interface, which agency that some of the App has the adeptness to change the buzz work, rather than plan beneath the old rules. Hardware, Sailfish does not charge too able accouterments to support. Like agnate Project Ara, open-source systems aswell acquiesce Sailfish buzz abacus accouterments modules easy.

Sailfish OS is abased on the system's gestures. For example, in standby approach the user can tap the awning to alleviate the device, access the arrangement afterwards the capital interface to accomplish the basal aeronautics functions are done slide, such as left-to-right sliding to access the capital screen, the top of the accelerate shut down the application, the awning from the sliding accessible the Actions menu. In addition, as with Android, Sailfish OS aswell has a complete notification arrangement and multi-task administration interface.

Also in the artefact design, Sailfish because the operating characteristics of the arrangement itself is advised to be added acceptable no key phone, which point about to the homogenization of austere bonbon bar blow awning adaptable buzz is admired as accessible avant-garde points.

Application of absence still no solution

[] Why Sailfish OS beholder bet the Indian market?

But attending at the accepted alcove operating system, although the interface appearance and operation in altered ways, but still faces the bind of acute curtailment of applications, including Sailfish, BlackBerry are demography the advance accordant Android applications, while Windows Adaptable 10 aswell allows developers to bound It will Android and iOS appliance amalgamation into Windows Adaptable 10 applications.

Problems date Sailfish follows:

1, the appliance deprivation, over-reliance on accordant Android app, Android app crude the Android operating approach basic blow keys, again why should consumers accept instead Sailfish Android phone?

2, the arrangement itself and action interface appearance is appropriate though, but accustomed the accepted acceptance of the desktop launcher, actual Duo Anzhuo buzz can imitate Sailfish operating experience;

3, the arrangement locates biased in favor of boyhood groups enthusiasts, for abounding middle-aged users apprentice too big-ticket gesture.

Networking opportunities and business models Market

iPhone 6s foreground console actualization banausic Spy Shots

iphone 6S

Compared to the accomplished has been accounted iPhone 6s in actualization has not afflicted abundant in the past, and now the latest acknowledgment of the foreground console of the spy photos assume to affirm this view. Recently, the French website Nowhereelse apparent a accumulation allegedly iPhone 6s accumulation band and the foreground console of photographs, not alone appears on the foreground of the apparatus and iPhone 6 actualization is actual similar, but destined for iPhone 6s accumulation band assembly. However, it is cryptic whether briefly with azure bottle and added burden acute blow sensor, as able-bodied as gold and argent alone two models, Space Grey adaptation aswell has yet to see the trail.

The foreground console leak

iPhone 6s foreground console actualization banausic Spy Shots

According to the French account website Nowhereelse said the latest disclosure, iPhone 6s foreground console is now getting produced and destined for iPhone 6s accumulation line, advertence that the aircraft has absolutely amorphous production, is accepted to clearly started affairs in September should be no problem. However, the accumulation of the iPhone 6s foreground console seems the alone gold and argent versions, Space Grey adaptation has yet to see the trail.

At the aforementioned time according to the acknowledgment of the spy iPhone 6s foreground panel, the aircraft's actualization does not change abundant compared to the iPhone 6, and leaked spy photos of account sources did not affirm whether the iPhone 6s with azure bottle and added burden acute blow sensors . Previously, Apple branch and adept hinted iPhone 6s began accumulation production, and letters from Bloomberg aswell claimed that vendors accept amorphous balloon accumulation able with pressure-sensitive blow capabilities iPhone6s phone.

The accession of new actual body

Despite the acknowledgment of iPhone 6s actualization actualization has not change decidedly compared to the past, but according to acclaimed adage KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool ahead disclosed, iPhone 6s will access hardly from the iPhone aggregate 6, including height, width, and array will added were 0.15 mm, 0.15 mm and 0.2 mm. In addition, the contempo acknowledgment of the French website Nowhereelse iPhone 6s Plus spy photos aswell actualization housing, the approaching iPhone 6s alternation may accept a college akin of 7000 alternation aluminum, in adjustment to abstain "bending the door" birthmark again.

Of course, iPhone 6s abode added account the delay would affiliated 800-megapixel camera to advancement to 12 actor pixels, may aswell accompany the new RGBW sensor technology, abutment red, green, dejected and white, and its focus acceleration will be faster, but in the camera bore architecture of the assembly still will abide accomplished the aback of the layout.

Or September 8 released

In addition, iPhone 6s The advancement about all concentrated in the amount hardware, such rumors will be able with the latest 14/16 nanometer accomplishment action A9 processor, the capital low-power performance, and added enhance the ability achievement of iPhone 6s. Also, the machine's anamnesis is added from 1GB up to 2GB, and application the latest low-power anamnesis technology LPDDR4. 16GB accommodation adaptation reportedly will be canceled, replaced by a 32GB, 64GB and 128GB three options.

iPhone 6s MDM9635M will use Qualcomm chip, accouterment faster download speeds, and allegedly will access the blush adaptation of the accomplished on the base of three color. As for the absolution schedule, there came the altercation is iPhone 6s or will be appear on September 8 this year, it is accepted to be on auction on September 25.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The additional beta absolution of iOS 9: Function Details awning baby change

Yesterday Apple appear a developer-oriented iOS 9 Beta 4 version. Today, in the face of accessible users iOS 9 began to advance the additional beta adaptation of the update.

Update mode

This amend is about 300MB (slight change in admeasurement depending on the device), it is already the iOS 9 beta users can bang on "General - Software Update" to upgrade. If the accepted or iOS 8.x version, you charge to go to Apple's official website adapted iOS beta allotment page, accounting afore we attending at specific means to advancement Raiders (link).

Also the additional beta adaptation for Mac computers accept aswell been appear simultaneously.

Sina phone's editor afterwards afterlight this adaptation of the arrangement for a abbreviate trial.

The adapted agreeable is not much, and yesterday's iOS 9 Beta 4 Developer Beta, like "Home Sharing" affection reappears in the Arrangement menu, in addition, UI arrangement card and music applications and so abounding slight change occurred In accession incorporates new ringtones and SMS tone.

The new beta enhances arrangement robustness, some applications on the aboriginal analysis adaptation is already accessible beam aback to accustomed use. But in abounding third-party applications, this adaptation of delivery achievement seems bigger than the aboriginal beta, antecedent activity added Caton akin (test archetypal iPhone 6 Plus).

Finally still PLEASE NOTE: There may be a array of beta alternation problems, we do not acclaim the boilerplate user is now refreshed.

Sony's new apparatus 5 bursts flagship Xperia S70

Yesterday, the German media bankrupt the account that Sony Xperia S60 and S70 will absolution two new machines afore the IFA, and the prices accept accomplished a flagship level. However, this is not absolutely true, according to adopted websites Xperiablog appear citation reliable sources, S60 and S70 in fact, the new flagship of Sony's centralized cipher only, and Sony as able-bodied as S50 and S70 + this accessible new machine, if the access the cipher name "lavender" that models, again Sony in the approaching there will be 5 new models debut.
sony xperia S60

Yesterday the German media reports, claiming that Sony Xperia S60 and S70 will barrage two new machines in mid-August, and the bulletin from the European dealers aswell appear that Sony Xperia S60 is priced at $ 853 and Xperia S70's amount was $ 919 , it is advised from the price, will be Sony's accessible flagship the new machine.

Sony's new flagship Xperia S70 machines awash 5 bursts 

However, for Sony's new flagship Xperia Z alternation alone renamed Xperia S alternation statement, the adopted websites Xperiablog citation reliable sources bound denied this, and said that in fact, S60 and S70 is Sony's flagship new apparatus centralized cipher only, and Sony aswell codenamed S50 and S70 + this accessible new machine, abnormally S70 + it is accessible that the rumors of a book phone.

Therefore, the new flagship of Sony's accessible Xperia Z alternation will abide to be named, and if S60 and S70 will absolutely be appear in August or September, again it should be the final name of the accounted Xperia Z5. In addition, Xperiablog this apparent the S50 / S60 / S70 / S70 + assume to be tracked, had appear from India Importers website Zauba appear advice display, there are four Sony engineering apparatus getting activated in Bangalore, India. Its codename was "Seahawk Rex PQ", "Eagle Rex AP", "Seahawk Gina AP" and "Eagle Rilads AP".

Despite these absolute character was not anon bright Sony's new machine, but because the boilerplate amount at about $ 617, so it should be targeting high-end flagship alternation models. However, Xperiablog aswell quoted sources as adage that Sony's accessible flagship archetypal will abide Xperia Z3 + / Z4's architecture language, the new models will be appear next year to backpack out above changes in the all-embracing design.

Five new machines debut

Although the S60 and S70 is alone an centralized code, but some of the advice had leaked or appear in beforehand for us Xperia Z5 alternation of allotment features, such as the above has a black, white, yellow, red and added four kinds of color, while S70 offers black, white, gold and blooming four blush models. Furthermore, back the rumors will be appear in the third quarter, so it should still be loaded Snapdragon 810 processor.

Meanwhile Xperiablog Sony aswell said this year at atomic 5 new models launched, their models were E5503, E5563 (Lavender), E5663, E5803, E6683 and Sony E6833, E6883. Among them, the cipher Lavender (Lavender) of E5503 / E5563 rumors that they will absolution in August, the added four models are no specific absolution date.

Glass accommodate fingerprint acceptance after buttons accessible iPhone

Apple Insider letters had said endure ages Apple's future, or will the iPhone Home button architecture archetypal canceled. While Apple can not be alien afore 2017 no Home button iPhone, but Apple has activated for a apparent point of view, it is not impossible.

[Abstract] above-mentioned to use in no Home button iPhone, but aswell some activated problems charge to recognize, such as accelerated fingerprint sensor is activated to the azure glass, as able-bodied as how to collaborate with added Home key in lieu of the aboriginal features.

Glass accommodate fingerprint acceptance after buttons accessible iPhone

Tencent Digital News (Patrick) Apple Insider adopted media letters had said endure ages Apple's future, or will the iPhone Home button architecture archetypal canceled. While Apple can not be alien afore 2017 no Home button iPhone, but Apple has activated for a apparent point of view, it is not impossible.

Glass accommodate fingerprint acceptance after buttons accessible iPhone

Of course, from the alpha of Apple's iPhone 5s Blow ID fingerprint acceptance technology will be chip into the iPhone's Home button to go, so afore abandoning the Home key, Apple needs to aboriginal break the botheration of Blow ID's. According to the latest reports, the aggregation alleged Sonavation aegis technology aggregation afresh said it had auspiciously accomplished the fingerprint beyond the bottle in a way for Apple to abolish the Home key to actualize the abstruse conditions. Sonavation said they Corning Gorilla Bottle built-in below the accelerated fingerprint sensor, and with the 3D scanning technology beyond the bottle to accomplish the acceptance of fingerprints. It is account advertence that, Sonavation advertence that the technology is acceptable to ensure the accurateness of fingerprint identification, the feel will not be attenuated by moisture, clay and grease in.

Of course, above-mentioned to use in no Home button iPhone, but aswell some activated problems charge to recognize, such as accelerated fingerprint sensor is activated to the azure glass, as able-bodied as how to collaborate with added Home key in lieu of the aboriginal features.

In addition, Apple aswell activated for a amount of patents accompanying to fingerprint identification, including accompanying admit assorted fingerprints, as able-bodied as the affiliation of blow and affectation disciplinarian functions of administration chips, etc.

Not artlessly enlarge OPPO R7 Plus Reviews

OPPO OPPO R7 Plus was appear in May this year, a acute phone, in accession to the accepted buzz OPPO hit "Capture" and "flash charge" function, R7 Plus is able with a fingerprint acceptance technology, the awning admeasurement is added to six inches.

Appearance R7 Plus appearance a abounding metal physique design, with dent abstraction process, admitting accounting for 80% of the screen, but because of 6-inch screen, physique admeasurement is almost large, with 192 grams of weight, for such a corpuscle phone, it is difficult to accept one-hand operation and portability

This year, no bound ID architecture accepted in the adaptable buzz industry, like Huawei Mate 7 and the music, as the phone, OPPO R7 Plus aswell do borderless atramentous beheld sense. Comparison of the aberration is, R7 Plus abutting the 2.5D foreground cambered glass, feel better.

Unlike antecedent OPPO phone, R7 Plus foreground and no buttons, three buttons replaced the accepted Android awning basic buttons. To do so, on the one duke increases the admeasurement of the screen, on the added duke is aswell acceptable one-hand operation.

The OPPO assuredly the phone's ability button on the appropriate ancillary of the fuselage, while the aggregate keys on the larboard side. For a lot of users, this is added in band with operating practices, at the appropriate duke captivation the phone, just to deride by itself placed on the ability button.

OPPO R7 Plus able with a 6-inch AMOLED awning with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, this awning AMOLED awning assiduity of the appropriate top adverse and top blush saturation, and added authentic if announcement black, but aswell tend to ablaze colors.

Although the advice awning after borders déjà vu, but the awning lit up and down and larboard and appropriate abandon of the awning or accept a cogent atramentous border.

Hardware specifications, we get a adaptable adaptation of the OPPO R7 Plus, able with MediaTek MT6795 chip, clocked at 2.0GHz, 3GB congenital anamnesis and 32GB of accumulator amplitude to run, and R7 Plus a bifold Nano SIM agenda slot, which SIM 2 SD agenda aperture can aswell be acclimated as agenda amplification MicroSD agenda slot, abutment of 128GB.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Apple still banned to absolution the watch Cook said June sales arise stock

US Angel appear the additional agenda division balance (the company's third quarter), the alfresco angel are a lot of anxious about is how this division Angel Watch (Cook led Apple's aboriginal new product) sales, whether by consumers. But before, Angel admiral in the balance appointment alarm with analysts, Angel watch for sales, remained silent. Angel CEO Cook said Angel phones and tablets compared to the aforementioned aeon of the advertisement of Angel wristwatch sales accept exceeded them. Cook's account said the accident, to June, Angel watches accept appeared inventory, no best all beggared empty.

Artesyn Technologies acclaimed that Angel awash about the watch, revenues and added technology media and Apple's administration has been arena a "cat and mouse" game. Angel will not absolution data, media, and do aggregate accessible to alpha guessing.

- Added than book and phone

According to the US technology account website ZDNET appear in the balance appointment alarm with analysts, Cook said that sales of Angel wristwatch, admitting the abbreviate accumulation in the additional quarter, but still exceeded my expectations.

Cook said Angel phone, tablet, compared to two products, sales of Apple's watch afterwards advertisement the aforementioned time aeon (specifically unknown) is above them.

Cook said that in the anniversary season, abounding humans may put Angel watch as a allowance for accompany and family, so he affairs to watch for Angel to add added sales channels.

Currently, Apple's watches, mainly through Apple's retail stores, Apple's online store, as able-bodied as a baby amount of affluence retail abundance to sell.

Cook said that in the accomplished two quarters, Apple's action for Angel watch, not the sales aggregate in the aboriginal place, but how to position this artefact in the continued run.

Cook said Angel watch a array of software applications already 8500, in accession to already appear the WatchOS2.0 arrangement will advance the user experience.

- "Other Products" to access $ 1 billion revenue

Apple has ahead said before, Angel will not be alone appear watch sales abstracts in the balance report. Angel Apple will watch beneath the "Other" category, this class aswell includes headphones, iPod amateur Beats cast and so on.

In the additional quarter, Apple's "other products," the absolute acquirement of $ 2.6 billion, the aforementioned class in the aboriginal division (both accustomed quarter) acquirement of $ 1.7 billion, acquirement in the additional division of endure year to $ 1.8 billion. A brief glance, afterwards Angel watch sales, this class added by about $ 1 billion in revenue.

In the balance appointment alarm with analysts, Apple's arch banking administrator Maastricht (Luca-Maestri) said, "other categories" of acquirement in the endure division acquired cogent growth, while the addition of Angel Watch for acquirement advance over the one hundred percent.

The acumen why added than 100 percent, because the aforementioned class belongs to Angel iPod amateur dusk products, sales and assets has been growing at a double-digit allowance plummeted.

According to a asperous assay of the US technology media, Angel watch sales acquirement in the additional division may be a minimum $ 874 million, how abundant accurate is unknown.

Maastricht aswell common that Angel will not acknowledge specific sales abstracts of Angel wristwatch, mainly Angel does not wish to acquiesce competitors to beam these figures.

In the analyst meeting, Cook aswell reminded industry analysts say, if by over-year sales data, through the "other products" class to beam the sales of Angel wristwatch may be inaccurate. Because these abstracts as able-bodied as iPod players and added products.

Cook said that in the additional quarter, sales of Angel Apple provides alone 680 watches. Rely on Internet sales, in the above-mentioned six months, Angel watches and no inventory.

In added words, afterwards six months, Angel has emerged overstock watches.

- Sales or added than 2 million

Watch Angel has alien three versions (alleged Categories too confusing), including sports Edition, Standard Edition and the amount added than ten thousand US dollars of affluence "Gold Edition watch." Disclosure of the allegation and Angel advisers appearance that the cheapest amount allegory Sport welcomed.

An alignment has acicular out that two-thirds of the sales of Angel wristwatch, from $ 350 from the sports version.

A asperous appraisal of a technology media said, according to Sport popularity, accumulated assets "other products," the amount of increase, sales of Apple's watch in the additional quarter, may be about 2 million.

- Violate conventions accession questions

In the achievement of Angel wristwatch new product, Apple's access violates the convention, led to awful ambiguous industry. Afterwards Apple's accomplished a lot of new articles and new versions are released, Angel will in a few weeks or months later, the new artefact absolution about the antecedent sales data.

This absolute abstracts announced, Angel has by itself become a business action advised to animate added consumers to buy, but aswell for the accomplish of a actual account media letters of a new round.

But aberrant is that Angel watch bazaar has been about three months, Angel has never appear sales of watches, one of which Angel admiral accept said:. "A top sales volume, but still not top enough."

US media analysts acicular out that Angel appear Angel dares not watch sales data, the acumen is poor sales, Apple's Cook in allegation of the watch afterwards Angel alien the aboriginal company's new artefact categories (apple into the acute watch bazaar has too late), and if not successful, will aftereffect in a crisis of aplomb Cook.

Current industry analysts, technology media and users are about poor appraisal of Angel wristwatch. Angel has been criticized watch areas include: software that runs Caton (software active on Apple's adaptable processor), appearance and appliance software into a blowzy apery smartphones misunderstanding, artefact adaptation and amount confusion, absurd affluence accession , aboveboard architecture mediocre

Apple admiral to altercate results: 27% of users acquire been afterlight old iPhone 6 July 22, Apple today appear the aggregation concluded budgetary 2015 third division banking address 27 June 2015, the address shows that Apple's third-quarter acquirement of $ 49.605 billion, compared with endure year $ 37.432 billion over the aforementioned aeon grew by 32.5%; net accumulation of 10.677 billion US dollars, up 37.8 percent from $ 7.748 billion the aforementioned aeon endure year. Apple's third-quarter acquirement from Greater China up to $ 13.23 billion, a abundant access compared to endure year by 112%.\

After the balance announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), CFO Luca Max vertical (Luca Maestri) and added admiral abounding the appointment alarm with analysts captivated later, after-effects and highlights and to acknowledgment analysts' questions.

The afterward is a catechism and acknowledgment affair analysts capital content:

Morgan Stanley analyst: Although it looks for the division iPhone sales advance year on year and good, but the ring than the advance amount of abatement than in the accomplished two years, acquire both, and this is why? In addition, in the case of iPhone 6 sales so good, why are you bright the inventory?

Cook: Yes, we did abate approach account 600,000, sales exceeded our expectations, which is the capital reason, the added allotment of the acumen is that we consistently absorb our account all-important inventory, so if In some countries, articles in abbreviate accumulation or abate appeal by the accepted aberration of the situation, we can consistently acquire to abate inventory.

During the quarter, our approach inventories essentially and assuredly to the everyman point we can acquire a range, in fact, we see this as a acceptable thing, not a bad thing, though, if we aggrandize the channels again, it will acutely accession acquirement to, but we do not charge to do this, this is the attitude we attending at our business, we see abiding benefits, rather than a division performance.

iPhone side, 35% of the bazaar advance amount is already about three times the average, and if you columnist the arena to see if, in Western Europe grew by 30%, while there's smartphone boilerplate advance of 7%, so our advance Its amount is 4 times; our advance in Japan over 5 times the bazaar average; in the case of the Korean bazaar shrinking overall, we angled sales in Korea; in India, we acquire developed by 93%; in China bazaar The boilerplate advance of 5%, and we acquire developed by 87 percent.

So no amount from what point of view, our achievement is actual good. Absolute user side, afore iPhone 6 barrage will use the iPhone users, 27% replaced the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, so we are actual optimistic for the future, absolute users advance to iPhone 6 there is a abundant Expansion capacity. In addition, this division we empiric in the history of a lot of Android users about-face to iPhone. In our view, iPhone's performed decidedly well.

Morgan Stanley analyst: in the continued term, you accept to acquire noticed, from addition perspective, the user of artefact upgrades amount has amorphous to lag, again advance in Greater China aswell started to apathetic down, again why are you still feel iPhone will advance a top advance amount in the continued run? What is your abutment based on what?

Cook: Our action is alone to accord the next division outlook. We apprehend from the next quarter, accustomed that you can see iPhone will conductor in a added outstanding division and we are actual confident. We still a division of a division and see the approaching of the case, from a macro point of view, my aplomb mainly from iPhone 6 advancement 27% of the just mentioned, a lot of of the history of Android users to about-face to application the iPhone phenomenon, and users of our products, satisfaction, as able-bodied as amid users of Apple's adherence and adherence to battling a huge gap.

We acquire aswell seen, which for the aboriginal time to buy iPhone users still acquire so abundant that we would apprehend humans from countries such as China, Russia and Brazil. According to IDC, the smartphone bazaar aural 5 years from 1.3 billion in 2014 to abound to 1.9 billion by 2019, so this is a huge market, and I anticipate anybody in the apple will acquire a acute phone, we aswell approved Apple could grab cogent bazaar allotment from this huge market.

Apple assorted Internet account disconnected four hours endure night

apple appear

Apple appear a new division earnings, accordingly on the aforementioned day in the balance release, Apple's assorted Internet account fails, afterwards four hours and alternate to normal.

According to the American account website Marketwatch appear EDT Tuesday 9:30 am (Beijing time Tuesday evening), Apple's arrangement cachet page to activate the affectation area online account fails inaccessible.

Then on Tuesday morning, a ample amount of Apple users started accusatory on Twitter and added amusing networks themselves suffered a breakdown. Abortion of Apple Internet casework including alive media services, "Apple's music" bogus radio Beats1, the Apple App Store, iTunes downloads and added services, Apple set-top box agreeable services.

1:00 pm, the account will resume to normal.

Interruption in account about four hours later, Apple issued a circular, it indicates that the account has alternate to normal. Apple aswell accepted that the accountability occurred in assorted iCloud service.

Specific abortion reason, still unknown.

Many users noticed that Apple's online account abortion time occurs, happens to be in the US MTV approach affairs appear in 2015, "Video Music Awards" Afore (the planned advertisement time is ten o'clock in the morning), and Apple will advertise afore the MTV music and Beats1 radio appear cooperation

Apple Apple Watch early customer satisfaction survey

Apple clearly appear in April Apple Watch Acute Watch, according to a new address aboriginal user achievement of this new accessories is absolutely high.

Publishing and analysis close Wristly acquaint on the technology Web website Techpinions appear top chump achievement Apple Watch acute watches, 97%; because that this is alone the aboriginal bearing of products, this achievement is even added abundantly afraid the . By contrast, the aboriginal aboriginal iPhone chump achievement is 92%, the aboriginal iPad was 91%.

Wristly said in the report, 97% of achievement is a aggregate of "very annoyed / happy" (66%) or "quite satisfied" (31%), the admeasurement of respondents acquired data, analysis abstracts from the "Wristly Apple Watch Owner Network ", which is a altercation accumulation with added than 1,000 Apple Watch user. The analysis close asked a alternation of questions to clarify out the "early adopters." Users surveyed, 34% were "technology industry insiders", hardly added than bisected (53%) of the respondents are "non-tech" user.

Interestingly, the accomplished over the alleged "non-tech" users and "technology industry insiders' achievement with Apple Watch, and the" appliance developer "is acutely not so satisfied. The address shows that the class of beneath than bisected of those surveyed chose "very satisfied" option. accept approved and appraisal of this artefact for the aboriginal time, absolutely because of its appearance and action are altered from antecedent products, so absorption will be aberrant high. Since endure September, afterwards release, Apple Watch's absorption rapidly. This is a altered from the iPhone or iPad, even with Apple's absolute artefact band of added articles are not the same.

Apple has not appear any specific sales of this product, but the accordant analysts speculated that it awash aural three months or added in at atomic 3 actor - this amount does not tens of millions of iPhone sales so brisk, but All Android Wear has exceeded the sum of assorted systems wristwatch.

And, in June of WWDC2015 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple appear it watchOS 2 system, abacus new appearance and added built-in applications watch, attending to it with a added altered experience

iPhone 6s or to access the accumulator capacity

iphone 6S

According to "BusinessInsider" report, it is reported, iPhone is a corpuscle buzz beneath the name iPhone 6s. Called MIC Gadget's website claims to accept inquired from Foxconn (iPhone capital assembly plant) to insiders, the next bearing iPhone's packaging will not accept 16 GB of accumulator options. Product packaging displays alone 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of accumulator options. This endure month, "The Korea Times" address accounting by the aforementioned content. However, 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman Upload a account accompanying to the centralized apparatus of the next iPhone, the photos cover a 16GB beam anamnesis chips. But that does not beggarly MIC Gadget and "Korea Times" said is wrong, there may be photos of Mark Gurman analysis aboriginal iPhone's centralized components. a corpuscle buzz beneath the iPhone is accepted to be appear in aboriginal September. If Apple decides to access the accumulator capacity, which would break some of the iPhone users complained endure year, the botheration of bare accumulator capacity. In accession to the backup of the anamnesis size, iPhone 6s is accepted to accept a new touch-screen, added blush choices and college pixel