Monday, July 10, 2017

Best Way to Recover Lost SMS from Android Device

If you accidentally deleted all the text messages, or even just an important message - you need to act quickly. Lost mail is recoverable, but only through the application updates, file downloads or other similar files, to save its memory part of the cover. So grab your phone and computer and learn how to recover deleted messages android.

When trying the software, it works fine and does not need to read and lengthy instructions or do any strange solution I like. The design is very good and the steps are clear. You first download and install the software and select the service you want. In this case, I used the Renew Android data recovery tool to recover my deleted messages.

After connecting my phone, it prompts me to allow USB debugging, which can be done in the developer settings (activate this, click on the internal number seven times). You can then grant the software access to the phone content. (In some cases, it will temporarily root your phone, fortunately, it will not invalidate your warranty. Your phone is irrelevant after the process.)

After about 5 minutes to retrieve data from the phone. If you have a large amount of deleted data, it may take longer. You can also choose to retrieve all content from your phone, which will take longer. In my case, time is not a problem.

After that, it gives me a good overview, not only my SMS, but also contacts, pictures, videos, etc., all of which can be restored and saved to your computer or your chosen location. Recovery also took a little time.

I absolutely recommend recovering the recovery software because we are just facing it, most of us from time to time to delete things. And, i can say that my software experience is very positive, it's a good choice.