Thursday, August 13, 2015

Samsung droppeded to the ground 15 meters elevation decrease examination UAV S6

In our perception of them, go down samsung parts of the phone yet the phone on breast elevation allow it drop, but also for device spree misuse are worried, this is plainly inadequate enjoyable. Just recently, it was brought UAV Samsung Galaxy S6 decline examination carried out.

The 2nd examination angle is adapted to the rear of the initial landing, yet still simply S6 there was a tiny scrape, display, and also there is no damages to the glass cover on the boundary. After the elevation of up to concerning 1.8 m, it is still the instance, the phone is not any type of severe harm takes place.

Consequently, the testers place this phone is dealt with in the UAV over, as well as take it to the elevation of 15 meters. Considering that Gorilla Glass 4 great resistance to injury S6 screen is additionally not specifically harmful.

Prior to opening up play, testers agreement with the method or the very first in a very breast carried out an examination. Small scrapes in the ground after all-time low of the body, Galaxy S6 just edge of the body light weight aluminum framework shows up, the screen undamaged.

On the whole, Galaxy S6 is a really anti-fall cellular phone, otherwise purposefully, life crashes was up to the ground it must not trigger any kind of harmful damages. When it comes to this moment UAV examination, 15 m autumn elevation could just be taken into consideration when the home entertainment does not have any kind of referral worth, nevertheless, regardless of which phone are not likely to drop from this elevation still undamaged.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lumia 950 proofs exposure effect Nandi Lumia 1020

Cell Phone Parts a equipped with a prototype "WP10" system, and the distribution of the camera also improves OIS (optical image stabilization system) effect, so the combination of the many previous rumors, speculation that there may be Microsoft Lumia 950 photo proofs of first exposure.

The well-known peopleRicciolo broke the exposed photo proofs a sea-view screen, the screen effect is dull, do not see what the EXIF information. However, according to Ricciolo say, the proof comes from a "WP10" system prototype, and are equipped with the firmware version is not the final version, especially OIS optical image stabilization continues improvement. Of course, the reason is because of the prototype, it also means that the official version of the future will have a better camera effects.

Lumia 950 proofs exposure effect Nandi Lumia 1020

At the same time although not clear identity of this prototype, but because Microsoft Lumia 950 will be the first equipped with the latest Win10 Mobile system debut, so the outside, this should also be Microsoft Lumia 950 series for the first time exposure photo proofs.

With a 20MP camera

Moreover, Microsoft's two flagship models which are slightly different in shape. Among them, Microsoft Lumia 950XL exterior design and Lumia 640XL somewhat similar, but code-named "Talkman" Microsoft Lumia 950 at the appearance of relatively close to Microsoft Lumia 640, but the two models are used polycarbonate body material, get in hands also very lightweight. Although the original series while Microsoft Lumia950 will be available in black, white and blue lake classic version, but BLOGJACK disclosure under Hong Kong site news, lake blue version has been canceled, which means that the future of Microsoft's flagship will be the only black and white color options.

According to earlier leaked information display, Microsoft Lumia 950 series two models will be equipped with 20 million pixel camera, and equipped with PureView technology and optical image stabilization feature, with F1.9 large aperture lens and is equipped with three color temperature LED flash, So I believe in low-light conditions, whether there will be a focus or camera effects better performance, as compared with 5 million pixels front camera. In addition, Microsoft is rumored Lumia 950XL camera styling and Lumia 830 more similar, and slightly raised.

The first week of October release

Microsoft Lumia 950 series support handwriting input, but the stylus requiring separate purchase. While iris recognition technology is Microsoft's new flagship features, but when released are not able to use, to about November to provide software updates for Microsoft to use. As for the official release time, although the god @ evLeaks broke on Twitter that Microsoft press conference will be held in September, formally codenamed "Talkman" and "Cityman" two flagship new aircraft, but the Hong Kong site BLOGJACK said Microsoft Lumia 950 series will be officially launched in the first week of October.

Microsoft Lumia 950 series is also rumored fuselage only Window logo, all with double-click functionality wake up the screen and screen overview, and virtual button design, it is possible to replace the battery, and support quick charge function, but the rapid charger must be purchased separately. In addition, Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, there are some differences in the parts of the configuration, such as the latter will be loaded 5.7 inches 2K resolution OLED touch screen and is equipped with a Snapdragon 810 processor, while the former was 5.2 inches 2K resolution display screen, and equipped with Snapdragon 880 processor.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Samsung GALAXY S7 examination pass Xiaolong 820 upgrade graph leakages

The Samsung GALAXY S6 came out much less compared to half lots, yet the printing is currently the following generation crown jewel GALAXY S7 or released in advance of the information. The probability of Samsung crown jewel upgraded in such a brief duration is not, however it appears that the pertinent property development has actually currently started screening. Just recently, thought inner Samsung Android M upgrade program graph on the microblogging direct exposure, given that there have actually been 820 Snapdragon cpu designs and also Samsung GALAXY S7 codenamed "Jungfrau", so this could suggest that the outdoors is anticipated to have future GALAXY S7 820 could be outfitted with Snapdragon cpu and also dual-processor variation of the item to reclaim method once again.

Samsung GALAXY S7 examination pass Xiaolong 820 upgrade graph leakages
As all of us recognize, in previous variations crown jewel GALAXY S collection versions will certainly press both cpu variation, along with Samsung's very own Exynos chip, yet additionally furnished with a Qualcomm cpu of Samsung. Probably the trouble is overheating due to the fact that of Snapdragon 810 cpu, the Samsung GALAXY S6 in this year left the conventional method, just outfitted with its very own Exynos7420 cpu variation is offered. This does not indicate that Samsung will certainly offer up this teamwork with Qualcomm, after South Korean media records, Samsung GALAXY S7 is brought out for 2 various cpu variations of the examination, a Qualcomm Snapdragon cpu, while the various other one it is its very own Exynos cpu.

Samsung GALAXY S7 examination pass Xiaolong 820 upgrade graph leakages
As well as currently, this report appears to have actually been verified again. Baseding on the microblogging believed direct exposure Samsung Android M indoor upgrade program reveals that there has actually been "MSM8996" and also "Jungfrau" 2 keywords in the graph. The previous is Xiaolong 820 cpu kind, while the last codenamed the Samsung GALAXY S7, so this additionally implies that Samsung is definitely being examined for the future generation crown jewel design geared up with Snapdragon cpu variation, the future will certainly GALAXY S7 It could be two-processor setup variation once again.
Examination Xiaolong 820
Xiao Long 820 cpu is not truly formally launched yet, so the business examined this cpu is an organic point in the brand-new versions, and also under regular conditions, prepare a brand-new crown jewel design needs 7-8 months time, so the combo of Snapdragon 820 cpu deliveries in the initial quarter of following year reports, possibly showing that the Samsung GALAXY S7 does not come out in advance, however to adhere to the well established treatment released in following year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) on ʱ??

In additionEnhancement although Xiaolong 820 processor cpu has actually determined official main and and alsoVersion but Qualcomm has has actually no official main news specific certainSpecs According to the network direct exposure details display screen, Snapdragon 820 cpu utilizing Samsung 14nm procedure, power intake as well as warmth and also so there will certainly be enhancements. The cpu style while still single-chip incorporated baseband and also a quad-core cpu design Kyro, furnished with the brand-new Adreno 530 graphics chip, the efficiency boost of 40 % as compared to the past, while the power intake is minimized by 30 %.
Outfitted with the brand-new video camera

It would certainly be untimely to talk about some of the Samsung GALAXY relevant S7, yet unscientific details regarding the equipment has actually been subjected supposed interior codename "Jungfrau", will certainly make use of Ultra HD 4K display screen, it might be Samsung its very first 4K Ultra HD display screen making use of a wise phone. Samsung will certainly restore plan dual-processor arrangement, the plane released 2 cpu variation, not just will the brand-new Exynos M1 geared up with its very own cpu, however additionally has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 variation.

With Samsung's brand-new 16 million pixel CMOS sensing unit launch might imply GALAXY S7 will certainly likewise be updated in the electronic camera, lots the globe's initial 1.0-micron CMOS sensing units, with Samsung ISOCELL modern technology to improve the quantity as well as enhance of light under reduced light problems capturing. Furthermore, given that the sensing unit is really slim, so it suggests that the Samsung GALAXY S7 developed in the form will certainly alter, at the very least in the meantime the electronic camera estimate circumstance will certainly be boosted.

Just recently, thought interior Samsung Android M upgrade program graph on the microblogging direct exposure, considering that there have actually been 820 Snapdragon cpu versions and also Samsung GALAXY S7 codenamed "Jungfrau", so this might indicate that the outdoors globe is anticipated to have future GALAXY S7 820 could be furnished with Snapdragon cpu as well as dual-processor variation of the item to restore method once again.
As we all understand, in previous variations crown jewel GALAXY S collection versions will certainly press the 2 cpu variation, in enhancement to Samsung's very own Exynos chip, yet likewise geared up with a Qualcomm cpu of Samsung. The previous is Xiaolong 820 cpu kind, while the last codenamed the Samsung GALAXY S7, so this likewise indicates that Samsung is undoubtedly being examined for the following generation crown jewel design outfitted with Snapdragon cpu variation, the future will certainly GALAXY S7 It might be two-processor arrangement variation once more.

Xiao Long 820 cpu is not truly formally launched yet, so the firm examined this cpu is an organic point in the brand-new designs, as well as under typical scenarios, prepare a brand-new crown jewel version needs 7-8 months time, so the mix of Snapdragon 820 cpu deliveries in the very first quarter of following year reports, possibly showing that the Samsung GALAXY S7 does not come out in advance, however to comply with the well-known treatment released in following year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) on ʱ??

In additionEnhancement although Xiaolong 820 processor cpu has actually determined official main and and alsoVersion but Qualcomm has has actually no official main statement specific certainSpecs

Bio apple iphone 6c will certainly additionally debut the brand-new apple iphone Sixes

Once more, on his Twitter apple iphone 6c of information direct exposure. He claimed the apple iphone Sixes, apple iphone Sixes Plus and also apple iphone 6c will certainly additionally debut, but also for the resource of the message, the excellent God chose not to make known even more info. Offered prior to direct exposure prior to evleaks reliability price is rather high, so for the following month's Apple seminar, we have adequate need to anticipate other than apple iphone Sixes, apple iphone Sixes Plus the 3rd in apple iphone.

Presently, information concerning apple iphone 6c we still recognize little around, with the exception of the steel framework prior to the direct exposure time and also higher than 1715 mA when the battery capability of 1500 mA precursor apple iphone 5c outside, and also say goodbye to messages. In addition apple iphone 6c cpus will certainly likewise make use of FinFET innovation, utilizing Samsung's 14nm or 16nm TSMC procedure. Additionally, the display dimension of apple iphone 6c, is commonly thought will certainly once again go back to around 4 inches.

Prior to there is modern technology blog site claimed that Apple will certainly re-launch apple iphone 6c follower as apple iphone 5c, as well as 4-inch display will certainly go back to the camp. Compared to the apple iphone 5c, apple iphone 6c will certainly change to steel physical body, as well as is anticipated to be launched all at once with the next-generation iPad in the initial fifty percent of following year.

Anyhow, currently we have the Apple interview on September 9 there are a lot of assumptions, to the moment in real time specifically just how, with each other we could hesitate.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Google will certainly launch cost $ 50 Android One phone

Android One is a program Google released in 2013, the firm intends making Android system by the program to cover even more creating markets. To attain this objective, Google has with several OEM companions to produce a variety of affordable models. Just recently Google Southeast Asia head of Ananda (Rajah Ananda), stated the firm will certainly concentrate on Android One to introduce a brand-new program in the coming weeks, this moment its objective is the intro of the rate of $ 50 (concerning 310 yuan) mobile phone.

Google will certainly launch rate $ 50 Android One phone

Anandan on the "Financial Times" claimed that although Android One had actually underperformed recently anticipated, however Google For this job "is still really solid," which the firm will certainly launch the following set of brand-new Android One phone within a couple of months.

$ 50 is currently fairly near the attribute phone costs 20-30 United States bucks on the marketplace these, which assists Google to obtain the following set of one billion brand-new individuals. Google's very own Android One does not make the equipment, however it has to obey with the collection requirements for those OEM equipment companions. Google could regulate the equipment requirements as well as software program encounter of low-priced devices.

apple iphone Sixes stress delicate touch capability direct exposure regulates a lot more reliable

With the upcoming launch of apple phone Sixes, returned on the network will certainly be geared up with airplane or Force Touch innovation information, as well as bleeding on the most up to date disclosure declaration of the international internet site 9to5mac, with Force Touch IOS stress delicate touch innovation within the system, code-named "Orb" Its major function is to determine ways of pushing initiatives to attain various operating features, while the features of the Mac and also Apple Watch likewise differ, the most significant function is the capacity to leave out extra actions to attain making use of comparable faster ways encounter.

apple iPhone Sixes stress delicate touch performance direct exposure regulates much more effective

Breeding on international site 9to5mac pointing out individuals acquainted claimed, apple iPhone 6s Force Touch innovation will certainly be incorporated right into the touch display which, while Apple's IOS will certainly additionally run within the system, code-named "Orb", whose highlight is based upon the individual presses the touch initiatives to regulate display to offer the proper capability, such as the map feature, if you should locate a sight, it could deep by touch display, it will certainly leap straight, getting rid of the readying existing performance of 2 actions; when the songs gamer, if deep stress display a food selection shows up, could promptly include a tune to a playlist or conserve offline value. Additionally, various other consisting of the Safari internet browser, voice as well as some application shortcuts so you could attain a comparable way.

Hence, as educated resources revealed that show up on the apple iPhone Sixes of Force Touch innovation are various with the Mac and also Apple Watch, the highlight is to supply a much more effective procedure encounter, so when the operation-related features do not have to open up a brand-new discussion, it is feasible to conserve a great deal of actions on the basis of the initial control, causing much better individual encounter.

apple phone Sixes stress delicate touch capability direct exposure manages much more effective

For the apple phone Sixes will certainly be made use of to boost the brand-new physical body product firmness disagreement likewise appears to be verified. Breeding on international individuals the current video clip launched apple iPhone Sixes covering, the plane covering comes to be thicker compared to in the past, a boost of concerning 1.9 mm or 1.14 mm, as well as with a much more inflexible product, this style is certainly once again in 2014 to avoid The "hinged door" issue.

Furthermore, 9to5mac record additionally restated the apple iPhone Sixes will certainly have 2GB of RAM as well as furnished with the brand-new A cpu, could bring faster Internet rates and also lesser power usage, however it likewise sustains 4K resolution video clip tape-recording But if the information holds true continues to be to be validated.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Apple or September 9 concern of brand-new apple iphone as well as brand-new Apple TELEVISION

Item technique along with from the fiscal year before the appropriate records, the brand-new generation of apple iphone will definitely be the most significant emphasize of the seminar. Compared to the existing apple iphone 6 as well as apple iphone 6 Plus, it claimed that the brand-new Cell Phone Partsl certainly be outfitted with Force Touch pressure-sensitive touch display, greater pixel video camera, a lot more effective A9 cpu and also a quicker and also a lot more energy-efficient radio chips. Aside from the apple iphone, the brand-new iPad might additionally concurrently launching, consisting of 12.9 inches of iPad Pro.
An additional concentration of the seminar might be years not been upgraded Apple TELEVISION. It is claimed that Apple had actually prepared prior to the launch of the brand-new Apple TELEVISION at this year's WWDC designer seminar, however eventually as a result of numerous factors at journalism seminar a couple of weeks prior to the launch of Apple TELEVISION terminated the strategy. The several resources declared that Apple launched the Apple TELEVISION will certainly be transferred to the fall seminar intended following month.

When it comes to the brand-new Apple TELEVISION, there are reports that the brand-new Apple TELEVISION will certainly showcase much more upgrade and also slim equipment arrangement version, such as updating the A8 cpu, enhanced memory as well as physical body updated to assist the os Siri voice aide. Additionally, it is found out Apple additionally will certainly be geared up with a "considerable upgrade" on the push-button control for the brand-new Apple TELEVISION, with easy to use touch panel to run.

With September handling, Apple fall seminar will certainly quickly consult with you. Baseding on the most up to date records, there recognize with Apple's inner strategies of the resources claimed the precise day this year, Apple's brand-new autumn seminar for September 9, which additionally occurs to be constant with the Apple interview held last time.

Some Unfortunately, Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller decreased to comment on fall seminar.

Samsung S6, S6 Side inadequate sales S7 or very early launch

The brand-new technique additionally implies that if a feature could not be attained or confirmed infeasible, Samsung could rapidly alter instructions. The suggestion looks for to products bounced and also reduce the interruption to a minimum.

SamMobile resources credit report is not "Leverage," yet attempting to capture up with Apple for Samsung, it looks like an actual plan adjustment. Samsung's brand-new method could possibly alter the market framework if this is real.

Baseding on TechRadar site claimed that Samsung launched previously this year, Galaxy S6 and also Galaxy S6 Edge cell phone sales is not excellent, so it leads routine launched Galaxy S7.

Asia SamMobile internet site priced quote resources as stating that Samsung cellphones could increase the manufacturing procedure, makings the item life process reduced by a couple of months. Samsung could launch very early following year brand-new phone.

TechRadar stated information that the code-named "Waterfall" (Waterfall) The procedure will certainly be code-named "active" (Agile) procedure are utilized. Undoubtedly, the "nimble" take on a much more modular strategy, Samsung designers to turn on the property development of a number of components concurrently.

apple iphone Sixes principle can do that playing video clip Force Touch

Naturally, in Apple Watch and also the brand-new MacBook has actually arised Force Touch feature, however on iOS tools is totally various. Developer Maximilian Kiener with their very own creativity, application created for iOS system optimization Force Touch modern technology, with top priority to enhance the apple iphone Sixes and also apple iphone Sixes Plus encounter. In his style, you could Force Touch touch various strength in the control center for much more intricate setups straight.
We all understand that the upcoming apple iphone Sixes as well as currently apple iphone 6 will certainly not be much distinction in look will certainly be, yet at the very least in the function will certainly include a brand-new function that Force Touch. Make Touch could alter the means we choose the apple iphone, today there is an idea apple iphone Sixes video clip, on an excellent demo of the apple iphone Sixes Force Touch is exactly how it functions.

Currently, there are currently a great deal of proof to reveal that Apple will certainly sign up with Force Touch modern technology in apple iphone Sixes, whereas this moment the idea of the video clip was Apple supplies an example of the application, I think that the future usage of the Force Touch will certainly enable iOS gadgets higher versatility of use.

After the video clip discussion, click on the Control Center common knowledge to be transformed on or off Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi features, yet signed up with the Force Touch modern technology, with different initiatives clicking button symbol, you could straight open up the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth much more thorough setups web page. Such an application in iOS system still has an extremely huge possibility for additional property development.