Friday, August 26, 2016

iPhone 7/7 Plus Picture Leaked-in Navy Blue Color You’ve Never Seen

It is said that the new iPhone has 3 versions: 4.7”iPhone 7, 5.5” iPhone 7 Plus and 5.5” iPhone 7 Pro. But there is an argument about whether both iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone7 Pro have dual cameras. With the exposure of all videos, people seem to believe the news of 3 versions is true. But recently, some grapevines said only iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were reserved, and only 5.5”iPhone 7 Plus featured dual cameras.

In all iPhone 7 reports, the elements paid more attention are its outlook design and cameras. From the recently leaked photo, we can find iPhone A10 chip expose with unclear size and it is commonly recognized TSMC Company will monopolize A10 manufacture. As for the details of A10, it will still use dual-core and TSMC technology, and more outstanding in design. It is said that the performance of A10 is 20% better than that of A9. But for its specifications, maybe we will wait to know until the iPhone 7 teardown.
Not long ago, new iPhone 7/7Plus released online with color “navy blue”. This is the innovative color which iPhone has never used.

From this leaked photo, the rumors seem to be true in the design. The three spots on the casing is Smart Connector and it was firstly appeared at 12.9” iPad Pro, which is used for connecting the keypad protective cover. Although there are so many advantages for Smart Connector, it is still not certain whether it will be used in iPhone 7. What’s more, the dual cameras and 3.5mm earphone jack does not appear in this leaked photo, but all of them are still not confirmed and all the truth will be known until new iPhone release.