Thursday, July 30, 2015

Who says alone watch punch up? Samsung may accept altered answers

Ho no doubt, Apple Watch has become the a lot of accepted acute watch, even if it is not perfect. Its success has aswell angry added companies, added new articles accept been developed. Recently, we generally see on annular watch Gear A Samsung rumors, it seems that Samsung hopes the new architecture and appearance to allure users, and one of the latest apparent shows that Samsung seems to still seek a added adapted artefact concept.

Samsung afresh activated for a apparent on acute watches, its architecture highlights is the use of adjustable multi-angle screen, through congenital camera ecology a user's face, automatically pop-up awning and set the bend to accomplish a bigger examination experience. In addition, the apparent aswell shows that the limited user can use the articulation command awning angle.

However, the apparent diagram Acute Watch is a added adamant aboveboard design, appearance amount is acutely not the rumors of Gear A, although its architecture has some new ideas, but such a huge aboveboard acute watches, may not be in appearance win customers. Of course, the apparent is alone a concept, not necessarily to be commercialized.

Acer will barrage four new machines Win10 Mobile arrangement IFA

While Acer, we are a lot of accustomed with anthology products, but aswell Acer smartphones in contempo years, lcd replacement screens for cell phone on product. Although Acer acute phones, and it can not be admired as first-tier manufacturers, but aswell affair how the approaching development. According to the latest account shows, in the additional bisected of this year, Acer will be the befalling to barrage at atomic four able with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

According to the German technology website WinFuture letters that Acer will absolution four new machines at the IFA in September this year, the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show. Of course, the four new aircraft will accord to the Microsoft camp, and pre-installed Microsoft's latest operating arrangement Windows 10 Mobile.

But now, with attention to the four new machines are not added specific message. Acer is currently the alone Windows acute buzz is Liquid M220, its entry-level, and the bazaar did not appearance any accurate concern. At present, for Acer, how to accord with WP arrangement products, but aswell no added about said, it is to abide to hit the low end, or launched flagship product, you aswell charge time to prove.

In addition, Microsoft aswell said that in the abreast approaching will barrage a new mobile phone parts Windows 10 Mobile systems Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, it seems for Microsoft's new system, absolutely a lot to attending advanced to the place.

Brazil badge meritorious! Sony C5 Ultra ancestor photo exposure

Many acute buzz acknowledgment were from Russia, China or Europe, but this time the badge from Brazil Sao Paulo but the blow will Sony Xperia C5 Ultra brought afore us.

According to Brazilian media reports, afresh Sony Xperia C5 Ultra ancestor baseborn in Brazil, at the time was about to be traded, was begin by the badge and stop. Brazil badge absurd the case afterwards this ancestor pictures anon to the public. From the photos point of view, this Sony's new apparatus is like what we've apparent from the use of the manual, as application a non-frame design, blush ethics ​​can be declared as atomic form.

According to antecedent media reports, Sony Xperia C5 Ultra will be able with 5.5 inches 1080P resolution screen, the processor is acceptable to eight-core MediaTek MT6752 processor, accumulated with 2GB of memory, 16GB physique accumulator (expandable to 128GB); foreground and rear camera are 13 actor pixels, and is able with LED lights; pre-installed operating arrangement Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Although this time and no Xperia C5 Ultra specific agreement messages, but from the Brazilian police's angel we accept basically accepted the actualization of this Sony's new apparatus what it absolutely is. In accession to the ultra-narrow border, it seems the accomplished physique appearance with the abbreviate up.

It is appear that this Sony Xperia C5 Ultra is accepted to admission in August of this year, while there is a Sony's new apparatus will aswell be released.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Samsung bunched camera sensor apparent iPhone projections accept saved

South Korea's Samsung Electronics has just appear the industry's aboriginal individual pixel breadth of ​​only 16 actor pixel sensor 1.0μm for adaptable devices, While this sensor will abode the acute buzz industry has been the actuality of adaptable buzz camera outstanding issues. It is appear that this sensor codenamed S5K3P3, and now has entered the date of accumulation production.

Thanks to the advantages of a individual pixel smaller, Samsung While sensor in acme than the currently acclimated 1.12μm pixel sensor acme is bargain by 20%. Meanwhile, the Z-axis acme of 5mm or less, so the use of the sensor buzz can be bargain to a abate lens outstanding issues. More importantly, although the new individual pixel breadth of ​​the sensor is reduced, but the account superior and the after-effects will not accept abundant influence. It is still accessible to accomplish the Samsung is currently in 16 actor pixel sensor to accomplish capital results.

Currently, Samsung S5K3P3 sensor is accessible for accessories manufacturers, which would beggarly it is accepted to be acclimated in the accessible admission of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. When the camera sensor to how able we are actual abundant searching forward.

Parts supplier in beforehand auction Note 5 new flagship buzz carapace is exposed

While the Galaxy Note 5 has not been released, but abounding admirers are searching advanced to seeing what the new flagship of Samsung looks like. Although we accept apparent a lot of alleged Galaxy Note 5 spy photos, but no one dares to actuate their authenticity. But now, the acclaimed adaptable buzz locations supplier Spigen accommodation "come forward", the aboriginal appear for the Galaxy Note 5 to actualize their own adaptable buzz shell, buzz carapace from the renderings, we can apparently see the Galaxy Note 5 is sawed.
Samsung Note 5

Perhaps you will say, even Spigen appear renderings aswell may not be true, but according to antecedent acquaintance to adjudicator the charge to beforehand the assembly of locations manufacturers, adaptable buzz manufacturers will be from area to get a ancestor or archetypal for cast production. At the aforementioned time there accept been abounding times too Spigen success aboriginal acknowledgment of experience, so this time we see pictures of believability is actual high.

Spigen this time advanced of the auction of a absolute of eight adaptable buzz shell, priced at $ 14.99 in amid (93 yuan) to $ 34.99 (217 yuan), there is bead attrition shell, covering case, clear case and so on. From adaptable buzz carapace renderings can be seen, Galaxy Note 5 camera with beam and antecedent leaked adaptation is not abundant difference.

According to antecedent media reports, Galaxy Note 5 Samsung's new flagship will be powered by the Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, anamnesis of 4GB, with 32GB of accumulator space, 16 actor pixel rear camera, 500-megapixel foreground camera (equipped with Optical Image Stabilizer) , 4100 mAh array capacity, abutment 4G LTE, Android 5.1.1 operating arrangement pre-installed. Another apparatus continues the Galaxy S6 architecture elements of metal and glass, but aswell the abridgement of a disposable array and microSD amplification characteristics.

It is reported, Galaxy Note 5 will be clearly apparent at a columnist appointment on August 13, if the new flagship of Samsung's absolutely what affectionate of surprise, we can delay and see.

Headphones new Apple patent: arduous exercise to anticipate slipping

Whether from the design, or from the complete quality, the headphones Apple has done its complete "first class." But, even so, we will appointment some humans added annoying problems in the course, such as the angle yourself fall, abnormally if we are accomplishing arduous exercise, this bearings often. Clearly, Cell Phone Parts itself has accustomed the actuality of the botheration and acquisition a band-aid to the botheration in its new patent.

Under the new Apple apparent describes, Apple will accompany a collapsible anatomy in its alien headphones, so you can accomplish the angle added durably anchored in the ear, if the folding administration was bankrupt up overrides a harder plastic, and accordingly does not accompany any ache to the ears. In addition, the apparent aswell mentioned, this angle can aswell be "wireless" (such as Bluetooth) or bond affiliation amid the user device. It does not complete like annihilation advocate technology, but compared to the accepted use of headphones with Apple products, can be advised an improvement.

While Apple already has this technology patents, but Apple is still not abiding whether or if to administer this architecture to their products.

Is in fact, in accession to this non-slip accessory patents, Apple has aswell advised for headphones or earplugs activated for abounding patents.

For example, an Apple apparent acknowledgment endure year, Apple headphones (or earphones) to configure a motion apprehension system, can be acclimated to adviser the user physiological parameters, such as physique temperature and affection rate. In addition, for the angle adapter is calmly damaged, the new Apple apparent in headphone adapter allocation abutting an adaptable material, to anticipate accident acquired by bending.

Last year, accession Apple apparent shows that Apple headphones or earplugs to await on a congenital sensor able of analysis the accompaniment of the user to accept to music, to automatically acclimatize the playback switch. In addition, iphone parts wholesale new apparent may aswell accomplish headphones or earphones with babble abridgement function. Specifically, that is, through the congenital headphones and microphone accelerator absorber ambient noise, analyze the user's voice, abrasion the babble around, because if users speak, sensors to feel the accordance from the user bones. This affection improves the user alarm superior enough

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

August 13 Samsung artefact barrage Note 5 to come

The new Galaxy waited a continued time, assuredly came. Samsung has already issued invitations to the media, affairs to authority a artefact barrage August 13 in New York, belief that the aggregation will acceptable absolution its next bearing Galaxy smartphone.

In fact, South Korean media appear that the aboriginal Business Korea, Samsung will barrage new articles in the artefact barrage captivated on August 13. To be able to advance and get advanced of Apple customer concerns, usually afore Apple Samsung will accept a new appointment in September to barrage its new flagship phone. For example, afterwards Samsung Note 4, Galaxy S6, and added above articles are appear in the columnist appointment on Unpacked.

We attending advanced to seeing Samsung's Note alternation of new accessories on this conference, this accessory is accepted to be alleged the "Galaxy Note 5". According to antecedent columnist reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be able with 5.7 inches screen, able with Samsung's own Exynos 7420 processor, 4GB of anamnesis and offers a accommodation of 3220mAh battery.

This allurement letter aswell hinted Edge Samsung will absolution a buzz because the curve on the allurement analogy with a little arc. In fact, this absolution allure Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge if there are credibility with the Samsung architecture agnate letter. It is said that Samsung is planning to barrage a new adaptable buzz alleged Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, from the name, the buzz will be a beyond adaptation of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

In accession to Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, there is account that Samsung may aswell apparent the new acute watch in this conference. Samsung appear on a acute watch or endure year, compared with the acute phone, the Samsung acute watches amend amount is abundant slower.

Consider Apple Apple Watch accepted approved afterwards consumers in the market, Samsung should not angle still. It is said that Samsung will accompany Samsung transaction functions in its next bearing of acute watches, the implant NFC, runs Android Wear system, application a annular punch design. Of course, these aswell are rumors, Samsung has not been clearly confirmed.

Corning alien the aboriginal antibacterial bottle console IOPP odor

Previously, assorted studies accept apparent that blow awning adaptable phones and added agenda devices, has become a austere bacterial enclave, even dirtier than the toilet. But clearly, humans and no acceptable solutions. Corning said its barrage of Antibacterial Bottle of the mind, is to break the bloom problems of the blow screen, acceptance users to added healthy, safe use of adaptable phones and added touch-screen devices. The artefact uses a "EPA injection" technology to anticipate microbial corpuscle abolition affection prevents the advance of bacilli on the allotment of the bottle panel.

However, Reviewed and added media appear that Corning's quick to point out its antibacterial bottle panels acclimated alone to assure adjoin oil pollution, odor problems, but actually denied that the artefact has a action to anticipate users from illness. Perhaps some "disclaimers" means, but it is assertive that, if we can break the annoying botheration of oil and added touch-screen, but aswell has a assertive significance.

Microsoft Desktop Launcher Test Andrews adapt for the Win10?

With Apple is not the aforementioned as the three above adaptable belvedere developers, Microsoft has not banned to beforehand applications for the Android system. In the past, Microsoft appear the Android adaptation of the acute lock awning software, and even developed accurately for the Excel's keyboard.
Arrow Launche

Now, Microsoft is developing its own Android Desktop launcher, alleged "Arrow Launcher beta". This aswell shows the name of the software, this artefact is still the aboriginal version, users charge to acquire the allurement to assurance up to use.

Arrow Launcher interface architecture is actual beautiful and straightforward: The software provides three capital pages: contacts, applications, and addendum & reminders, users can go anon to the three pages.

Contacts page can be acclimated to affectation user acquaintance information, including buzz and mail contacts. Addendum and reminders page abutment accelerated input. In addition, users accelerate to the appropriate page, you can affectation an advancing task, accelerate to the larboard to affectation the a lot of afresh run accepted software.

Microsoft said that these users can not move, and annul pages, and can not accompany the added pages. Users can download the APK to beforehand to acquaintance this software, but afterwards installation, you charge to get an allure to acquire the update.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Apple to accord up four inches iPhone6C canyon because affairs acceptable 6

If annihilation else, just over a month, we will see the long-rumored iPhone 6S / 6S Plus. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has let Angel tasted big-screen buzz to accord the "sweetness", the aggregation acceptable will abide to go down this road. However, industry analyst Timothy Aike Rui (Timothy Arcuri) appear that Angel had ahead because developing a new adaptation of 4 inches iPhone6 ​​phone (also accepted as iPhone 6C), but because of the iPhone 6 and 6 S to advertise good, eventually canceled the project.

Aike Rui citation accumulation alternation account that Angel had planned to aftermath iPhone 5C admeasurement of iPhone6 ​​phone. The buzz from the actualization and feel to see agnate iPhone 6, with the accepted agreement of Apple's flagship smartphone the aforementioned centralized components, but the admeasurement is 4 inches.

Obviously, with the year iPhone5 C as baby admeasurement iPhone6 ​​for those who wish to acquaintance the Angel ecosystem, but not accommodating to pay big bucks to buy the new iPhone consumers.

Aike Rui said that he ahead has affirmation to prove the actuality of the baby admeasurement of iPhone 6 account from the angel industry alternation account this year from January to March aeon tracked. But now, this "trail" has disappeared.

Apple Why should abolish or annihilate the project, Aike Rui gives his own answer. "I anticipate one acumen is because Apple's accepted iPhone6 ​​sold well." He said, "If you accord us the iPhone 6C, that in essence, that is, we accept to actualize a bargain adaptation iPhone6 . "

Earlier, partsun has said that even if Angel appear a new iPhone, the absolute sales and iPhoen6 6 Plus will still abide strong, abnormally afterwards the amount if these two devices.

It should be acclaimed that this is not the aboriginal time we heard about the four inches of metal iPhone6 ​​rumors. In June this year, Jeffries analyst already acicular out in its report, Angel will barrage a bargain agreement 4 inch metal adaptation iPhone, the buzz is accepted to be appear in 2016, or alarm iPhone6 ​​C.

But, unfortunately, Jefferies did not acknowledgment the buzz whether it has the aforementioned with the iPhone 6 locations and architecture in its report. According partsun news, Angel wrote in a address to audience endure December aswell appear the development of the iPhone 4 inches information.

However, whether it is belief or rumor, they accept not been activated clearly accepted by Apple. Therefore, even if there is affirmation of industry news, but it does not beggarly that Angel will absolutely absolution a baby admeasurement adaptation iPhone6. Similarly, even if the two analysts are authentic "prophet", but it does not represent Angel has absolutely put this artefact into the market, not to acknowledgment Aike Rui tracking Apple's new articles in its experience, there are had "missed" when. For example, Aike Rui had ahead predicted that Apple's iPhone 6 will be configured 4.8 inches screen, rather than 4.7 inches. He had ahead said, iPhone 6 Plus processor ability than iPhone6 ​​much larger.

Of course, for the aboriginal ample technology companies such as Apple, they eventually absitively to accompany articles to market, we usually analysis abounding altered types of products, therefore, four inches iPhone6 ​​may aswell become a affectionate of "cannon fodder" products.

Perhaps we charge to delay until Angel releases the next adaptation iPhone6S, the acknowledgment will not be known, if annihilation else, then, this artefact is accepted to be launched in September this year.

Pakistan declared bankrupt by the end BlackBerry Aegis Advice Service

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said on Friday, due to "security reasons" considerations, the Pakistani government will shut down BlackBerry aegis advice account on December 1 this year.

According to a Pakistan Telecommunications Authority of anonymity, admiral said, the bureau has issued a apprehension to abutting the BlackBerry BES casework to bounded adaptable operators. BlackBerry Wholesale Cell Phone Parts has yet to animadversion on the matter.

British babysitter Privacy International in a address appear this week, wrote the Pakistani ISI is planning to badly advance their adeptness to ambush communications, but the BlackBerry's abstracts encryption technology makes it difficult for them to do this.

In accession to Pakistan, the BlackBerry has encountered agnate problems in added countries, including India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

Eye browse alleviate will be the next trend? Do not be blessed too early

The phone's foreground camera initially alone for the self-timer, video calls, and now it has been accustomed added value: eye browse unlock. Digital Trends According to adopted media reports, the US aggregation EyeVerify, developed for a lot of smartphones eye scanning applications, can be added calmly accomplished alleviate the buzz operation.
Eye scan unlock

Not safer, but added convenient 《Cell Phone Parts

Eye browse added defended than fingerprint? At atomic EyeVerify technology is not. The technology is not scanning the iris (iris and fingerprint, is unique), but matches the user whites argosy and mapped 100 different points, enabling identification operation. So, EyeVerify the amount is actual low, just a boilerplate processor achievement (such as Qualcomm Xiaolong 400), and a foreground camera.

Although EyeVerify is not the a lot of defended buzz analysis technology, but it is not secure. Because of its abstracts is alone stored locally, not stored in the cloud, almost speaking, has no arrangement accumulator risks. In addition, the algorithm has a continued agnate of a 50-character password, the bounded able aswell has a assertive amount of difficulty.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The new iPod Touch is aswell account to buy?

Just if humans anticipation Apple to absolutely accord up the iPod, Apple adapted its year, in fact, the amend has been afar according to endure about three years. Wherein, iPod Touch 6 is by itself the a lot of talked about models, it still looked so beautiful, thin, the amount a lot cheaper compared to iPhone, to 1498 yuan. So, now the catechism is: do you charge iPod Touch?

6 iPod Touch accouterments upgrade

First, let's attending at iPod Touch 6 accouterments appearance and upgrade. It has a consciousness-expanding metal body, actual thin, you ability anticipate that this architecture would accept appeared on the iPhone. Hardware, 4 inches 1136 * 640 pixel awning and iPhone 5s constant processor was down adaptation of the A8, the achievement of the iPhone 6 is similar, stronger than the iPhone 5s and three years ago, iPod Touch 5, able of high-quality, App Store in the bland active acceleration 3D amateur are currently popular.

The new iPod Touch is aswell account to buy?

In addition, iPod Touch 6 is aswell able with a 800-megapixel camera, although the sensor and lens superior is hardly inferior to the iPhone 6, but the superior is actual cogent advancement compared to its predecessor, in the antecedent tests accept assured that its superior than the iPad Air 2 better.

Generally speaking, iPod Touch accouterments agreement 6 belongs to the top end of the accepted iOS devices, but its amount is almost low.

You can not alarm added like a 4-inch iPhone

So, aback to the aboriginal question: iPod Touch Is it account to buy? The acknowledgment is acutely complex. On the artefact itself, including Gizmodo, Forbes and added media accept bidding achievement with their performance, but one can not avoid the affair is targeting.

The new iPod Touch is aswell account to buy?

iPod Touch is acutely not a simple music player, can not alarm added like a 4-inch iPhone, which for the user's purchasing behavior acquired some problems. First of all, iPhone users are allegedly no best charge iPod Touch, the following of large-screen user will accept iPad, iPod Touch so active amplitude is acutely added narrow. So, iPod Touch is now added like a toy for the adolescent crowd, accouterments upgrades around absurd to aggrandize its user groups. Of course, if you wish as a allowance not old abundant to use the phone's child, iPod Touch 6 would be a acceptable choice.

HTC's flagship new machine will push Phablet

Faced with underperforming market performance, HTC is not only ready to launch a "machine sea tactics" from my salvation, but also ready to seize the flagship model more upmarket. Recently, reports from Vietnam website HTCVietnam said, HTC after codenamed "Aero" flagship model, will release a Phablet flat mobile phone, may be used as HTC Aero derivative version debut, allegedly with more new features and unique hardware design, rumor or will be officially released in the first quarter of next year.

Push tablet phoneAccording to news website HTC Vietnam Vietnam, said the latest disclosure, HTC Aero HTC new aircraft program is not the only new phones, launched after the aircraft will have a Phablet flat mobile phone debut, with more new features and a unique hardware design . Although the Vietnamese website did not disclose much more detail, but the HTC flagship model launched derivative version of the traditional, such as last year's HTC One Max and HTC M9 +, etc., so the HTC Aero launched a new version of the naturally derived logical thing.Although it is unclear tablet other details of this HTC phone, but according to Daren @ upleaks broke the news on the microblogging say, in fact, the aircraft in the first quarter of this year it has been approved, in April conceptual design has been released, and now technical data, it has been finalized, and even has a staff got the engineering machine, but in terms of functionality information currently known to only support the entire network function, which is perhaps the flagship model of HTC under the command of the first with the entire network functions.Debut next year in the first quarterHowever, although this HTC tablet phone called HTC Aero after the launch, but we officially met quite a long time, according to broke the news of people on the microblogging @ upleaks statement, the aircraft going to the first quarter will be released next year , but in the meantime it is not clear whether the new generation of HTC's flagship chairman and chief executive, chose to launch early next year alone.In addition, due to being known as a derivative version of HTC Aero, so this HTC tablet phone in addition to having a larger size than the touch screen, designed in the shape should be HTC Aero strain. This means that the machine is also possible to use the popular 2.5D curved glass design, and also the use of fourth generation gorilla glass for protection, while hidden design also makes Boomsound dual speakers have been retained at the same time, in order to bid farewell to the past much criticized "four chin" style.Xiao Long 820 processorHTC tablet phone is also possible for the camera as a breakthrough, it is possible to use a larger aperture of the lens, in order to improve imaging in low light conditions while adding manual setting mode and lossless RAW format support photo output. Of course, the machine is equipped with 2K resolution display should not have much suspense, and it is possible to use Qualcomm Xiao Long 820 processor.Since HTC Aero is positioned as the flagship of the second grade, so this tablet phone if released at the beginning of the case, its main hardware specifications should be lower than the so-called HTC One M10, but if the new generation of HTC's flagship jointly launched, then configure there Some may be better. Nevertheless, with rumors HTC Aero Published October draws near, expect the new machine should be the tablet for more information is gradually exposed.

BlackBerry continued survival can only count on the Android

 Commercial market ups and downs is a very common thing for the enterprise, consumer electronics is no exception. Following Nokia, Motorola mobile phone sector hands, another veteran smartphone vendors - Blackberry from Canada, is also very likely to exit the mobile phone market.

Sales fell sharply market share of less than 1%
BlackBerry's decline is not new, in the iPhone and Android occupy more than 90% market share in the case, leaving only the poor blackberry 0.4% (IDC 2014 global smart phone data). Although the new CEO John Chen has taken a series of actions, such as selling assets, reducing costs, but the effect is relatively limited. John Chen said recently that if the BlackBerry is no way to fast profit, is likely to withdraw from the mobile phone market. Bloomberg's report also pointed out that the BlackBerry worse long-term drag on earnings the company's shareholders, increasing assets and liabilities and stick to it may not be a good idea.
Blackberry latest quarter results, its sales were $ 263 million, compared to last year fell by 31%, which is obviously a disappointing figure. Although dominant in the John Chen, blackberry developed a series of new machines as PassPort, Classic, etc., but compared to the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry not only these alternative, when Nothing, perhaps the world no longer needs a full keyboard and BlackBerry OS.

BlackBerry is the last chance for Android?

black berry

BlackBerry continued survival can only count on the Android
Last chance to put in front of blackberry, may be Android. According to reports, the BlackBerry is developing two Android phones, code-named "Venice" and "Prague". By leaked photos, the BlackBerry has not abandoned its traditional full keyboard design, product shape and present almost no change. Does not exclude the market, there are still some users like the full keyboard design, but enough to help BlackBerry users are profitable? If a different point of view, there is no full keyboard Blackberry or Blackberry do? Why should users have to abandon the hands of the iPhone and Galaxy, select BlackBerry Android?
Obviously, before the BlackBerry is a bad situation: the sluggish market, the future of poor earnings, shareholder complaints and uncertain, perhaps Android is a chance, but there may not be.