Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Nuts phone examination: do not rely upon sensations by face thousand bucks equipment

Comical hammer further and also further when driving, at the very least in the item name holds true, the authorities called the initial generation of items Smartisan T1, likewise called "hammer smart phone"; currently, along with the hammer, as well as his little companion Overheating that has actually developed a brand-new brand name revitalization - "nuts phones.".

Nuts phone analysis: do not rely upon sensations by face thousand bucks device.

Getting too hot claimed, "This time there is a shock, a minimum of for youths as well as pupils," simple suggests the nuts when the phone's target market, and also it is exactly these individuals, is Overheating as well as hammers in the process YongCu individual, after that the concern is, to his aged Luo YongCu which prepared "nuts phone" ultimately is a what type of items?

Comical name, yet the item has actually ended up being much more fully grown, as well as this brand-new item positioning, modern technology and also approach could be seen, or could be stated that the aged legislation of the hammer, are attempting to utilize the "nuts phones" a brand-new brand name this, open doorway to their brand name and also even more regular tone doorway market.

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