Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Biography HTC One A9 State Bank in mid-November on sale or sold 2,999 yuan

  HTC One A9 is undoubtedly a topic of considerable current model, the aircraft when it went on sale in the mainland market, is also a lot of people concerned about the content. Although HTC official did not disclose more information, but according to internal staff broke the news, HTC One A9 State Bank in mid-November in the mainland market for sale, and there will be a red version of the synchronization debut. As for the phone's price, that someone is disclosed machine is priced at 2999 yuan, slightly higher than the Taiwan version. Biography on sale in mid-November Although the HTC One A9 at release time, the official said the aircraft will be the first week of NovemberSamsung Galaxymobile phone parts S6 Flex Cable with sidekey in the Global Offering, and Taiwan version has been on sale last week, but did not mention the state line version of the message. And now, according to friends quoted in the bar staff broke the news that Shanghai HTC, HTC One A9 state line version will be listed in the mainland in mid-November, while there will be a red version of the synchronization debut. Prior to this, there is news that HTC One A9 will be held in November in the mainland market for sale, but also did not disclose the specific time to market. However, due to the existence of an internal market "double eleven" promotional activities, do not rule out the machine is turned on sale Nov. 11, and then in mid-November a comprehensive listing possible. Color more complete It is worth mentioning that, HTC One A9 country line version of HTC A9w has passed the 3C certification and radio transmission equipment type approval, as long as you can get a network license to market, so all indications are that HTC One A9 BNM indeed possible In mid-November officially started selling. Meanwhile Although HTC One A9 has been listed in Taiwan, but only on stone silver and carbon crystal gray two colors choice, topaz and garnet reSamsung Speaker Flex cabled gold will have to wait until December will be listed, so if staff broke the news HTC is true, then it means that the machine state line version will offer more color style choices, including red version favored by many users. Of course, if HTC One A9 BNM in mid-November as some on sale, then also became the first pre-installed Android 6.0 system models, and according to friends broke the news earlier said the aircraft will support dual 4G network, and compatible with China Mobile's TD-SCDMA network. Or the sale of 2,999 yuan As for the phone they are more concerned about the price, according to friends broke the news in the bar, said, HTC One A9 state line version of the pricing and the original HTC One E9pt prices were flat, that is, will be on sale price of 2999 yuan, slightly higher than the Taiwan version price, and should be expected to 16GB version is priced. However, the real news has not been confirmed, but the latest version of HTC One M9e optical image stabilization for only 2,699 yuan a pricing point of view, HTC really possible at this price to open outlets in the mainland market, so as to bring their own to higher market share. Currently, HTC One A9 provides 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM are two versions to choose from. Wherein, 16GB version priced at NT $ 14,900, or about 2910 yuan; and 32GB version in the Taiwan market price was NT $ 15900, or about 3110 yuan, but only sold exclusively by the initial operator, Chunghwa Telecom, release date is scheduled for October 30.

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