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Instructions to Sync Media Files amongst HTC and PC

It is very advantageous to have similar melodies and pictures on both you photo recoverye and PC. Previously, when individuals need to exchange their information from an Android gadget to a PC or from a PC to a telephone, for the most part they utilize MTP (media exchange convention). Obviously, that is an approach. You can go to the circle where the telephone is on your PC and find relating envelopes. Yet, have you meander if there are any less demanding ones? Indeed, you will take in some of them in this article.

Why Do We Need File Managing Program to Transfer Media

Indeed, take tunes for instance. Diverse documents downloaded by various applications are not put away in a similar organizer. On the off chance that you are doing this physically, it could take a while. Furthermore, it's not simply tunes you will duplicate. The photographs taken by camera and sifted by applications are additionally in a similar circumstance. Along these lines, utilizing an instrument implies incredible productive improvment.

In the later part, HTC Sync Manager, Android Data Recovery, Android Manager and Mobile Transfer will be presented. They are document voyagers in a way and can be utilized to synchronize media records between HTC handset and PC.

Take note of: The things that you have spared from your telephone to a restore deleted contacts can likewise go about as a reinforcement, which can be utilized to recuperate lost records from HTC later on.

Section One: Transfer Media Files with HTC Sync Manager

Section Two: Copy Photos/Videos/Audios with Android Manager

Section Three: Move Photos/Videos/Audios with Android Data Recovery

Section Four: Sync HTC Media Files with Mobile Transfer

Section One: Transfer Media Files with HTC Sync Manager

Note: You can download this product by tap the hyperlink above.

Step 1. Associate the HTC gadget to PC

Run the program first and after that utilization a USB link to associate your telephone to a PC. The gadget will be distinguished consequently. And after that, click "Music".

Adjust HTC Media Files

Step 2. Adjust HTC Songs

Under "SETTINGS", select "Adjust chose playlist". And after that pick the ones you need. (In the event that this is your first time to match up, snap Save HTC Songs.) To move the tunes to a PC, go to "SETTINGS" and "Duplicate all music from telephone".

Step 3. Synchronize Photos and Videos

Click "Display" and you will see this interface.

Exchange HTC Files between a Phone and PC

Tap the bolt as an afterthought bar to grow the envelope collections. On the off chance that you need to send pictures to the PC, just highlight them > right-click them > "Duplicate to PC" > select an organizer. To clump import records, go to "SETTINGS" > "Import photographs and recordings from telephone". When you need to exchange things to a telephone, go to "This Computer" and tap the bolt.

Import HTC Pictures to PC

Section Two: Copy Photos/Videos/Audios with Android Manager

Media File on HTC cellphones or tablets can be exchanged to the PC by means of Android Manager. With respect to the photos, the png/jpg/bmp organization can be taken care of and in addition the MP4/MOV/WMV, and so forth can be relocated moreover.


Step 1. Dispatch Android Manager

You are required to tick "iOS" or "Android" in the accompanying Android File Recovery and after that connect your Android telephone to the PC. As of now, please sit tight for program distinguishing the gadget.

Connect HTC to PC

Step 2. Send out Data to PC

Hit "Music"/"Photographs"/"Recordings" on the left rundown. Pick the things that you'd get a kick out of the chance to duplicate and move to "Fare" > "Fare to my computetr" to spare them on an organizer as reinforcement documents. (Enter "Super Toolkit">"Restore" to recover the records when in need.)

Send out Pics to PC

Section Three: Move Photos/Videos/Audios with Android Data Recovery

Without question, Android Data Recovery is among the best document overseeing forms in view of its easy to understand operations. The program is to a greater degree an instrument that you can reinforcement the information, so the interface is substantially more straightforward, which does not give the favor but rather once in a while utilized components. Therefore, it is more productive.


Step 1. Empower USB Debugging

The primary thing to do is to download this program and dispatch it. You can then associate the telephone to the PC with a USB link. Obviously, similar to each overseeing apparatuses on PC, the troubleshooting choice is required. You can see the direction on the screen, take after the simple strides and complete it.

Empower USB Debugging

Step 2. Pick File Types

Go to "More Tools">"Android Data Backup&Restore">"Backup". ("Reestablish" will be picked rather in the event that you need the records back to the telephone.) Then, Android Data Recovery will request that you pick the needed sorts of document. Tick "Display", "Video" and "Sound". Squeezing the "Reinforcement" catch is the exact opposite thing to do.

Pick File Types

Section Four: Sync HTC Media Files with Mobile Transfer

Portable Transfer is exceptionally intended for information exchange amongst telephones and PCs. Likewise, when you will duplicate the data starting with one cell phone then onto the next, it can complete it.

Step 1. Download Mobile Transfer and Run It on a Computer

The product is accessible by tapping the catches underneath. (On the off chance that you are a Windows client, tap the left catch; Mac clients please pick the one on the right.) Launch it and connect the handset to.


Step 2. Pick "Move down Your Phone" and Save Data to PC

When you open the program, click "Move down Your Phone"

Adjust Songs, Videos and Pictures amongst HTC and a Computer

Your telephone on the left side will be consequently recognized. The circles behind the things in the center imply that the information are being filtered. After it closes, check "Photographs", "Music" and "Recordings". Click "Begin Copy" and hold up until you see a fly up box.

Spare HTC Media Files to PC

Step 3. Select "Reestablish From Backups" and Send Media Files to HTC

On the off chance that you need to duplicate things from a PC to your telephone, pick "Reestablish From Backups" toward the start. (You may pick "MobileTrans" or reinforcements made by different applications.) On the left side, you can pick one of the history reinforcement records. And after that, tick the last three things. Next, snap "Begin Copy" and hold up.

Import and Export HTC Media Files

There are numerous distinctions among HTC Sync Manager, Android Data Recovery, Android Manager, Mobile Transfer. In any case, in the reasonable utilize, Android Data Recovery underpins more record sorts and is smoother. Additionally, HTC Sync Manager can't exchange various record sorts in the meantime.

Note: If, sadly, you information are lost with no reinforcement, Android Data Recover can help recover the Android media.

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